The Bad and The Good

Today was a meh day. Yesterday I stayed strong for life’s trials. This morning wasn’t showing much improvement – although this evening is showing more improvement. Today I needed a day off. I can stay strong pretty well. Then the stuff hits me later. Today was later.

Then my silly doggy ran off. At first she was playing. But then she smelled something. I was wearing slip on shoes, trying to run after and tripping, breathing in the cold air that I am not used to running outside in. The farmer was out in the field taking in the corn. I was scared. Then she turned towards the road. She is fast. I hopped in my car and took off after her. I stopped at the neighbor’s house. They hadn’t seen her. I scanned the field and couldn’t find her. I went back home fighting off tears. Little did I know, she had turned around and came home while I was getting in my car and leaving. I went back and told the neighbors. Then I came home, shut myself in a room, and cried. It was very therapeutic.

But then I still had to adult. So I finished more desk work and went to my appointments, feeling pretty exhausted. When I got back, I changed my shirt and left to bring some new chickens home. It was getting dark by then. The new hens fell asleep on the way home. They were adorable. ❤ I shined my headlights in to the coop so I could see. With the light, they ran thru the coop and went out in to the pen. Silly chickies! So we threw them a little snack.

Tonight I am thankful for the fruits of yesterday rounding a good turn today. I am thankful that my doggie came home. And I am thankful for some new feathered ladies. Although today felt a little heavy, I like looking at the good stuff ❤

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