I have a felt Christmas tree wall hanging that has 25 pockets on it. Every day in December, you pull a Christmas tree ornament out of a pocket and hang in on the tree with a pin. This is an old Christmas decoration. I used to pull the ornaments out when I was a kid. And my kids have done this now too!

I do remember as a teenager that it wasn’t quite as exciting to pull out an ornament every day. My brother and I would gets days and days behind and catch up all at once. My kids have been doing that now too.

So I was on the search for a new Christmas countdown that would appeal to everyone in the house. I found something perfect! It was supposed to be on sale. And then it wasn’t. The retail price was a little more than I was willing to pay. Then it went on sale again!!!

Today was our first day with our *drumroll please* The Office Funko advent calendar!!! Today was Michael Scott!! Every day from now until Christmas, we will get to open a little door and get a new Funko Office character!

Tonight I am thankful for our new advent Calendar! It is not at all Christmasey . . but they love it!!! So mission accomplished!

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