Alright, I have an idea!!!

I have found myself doing it again!

I take on too much . . like regularly . . . like all the time.

I looked at my calendar for this upcoming week and was quite unpleased with myself. I have assistance with scheduling my appointments; because I really have a horrible sense of time. But, I am still the one accepting the amount of work I do in a week.

Really coming in to this week well rested and having everything set around me would be different. I could handle it that way . . I think.

But, here I am admitting it . . I am human. I have not let myself rest enough. From the family having Covid, recovering from that, doing more because I didn’t and don’t have Covid, doing more still while the hubster is still recovering, preparing for Christmas (not in a stressful way, I love Christmas preparations, but they do take time), getting the office renovations wrapped up for now, and well . . life; from all that is life, I did not schedule myself enough time to do life and work. I do this often.

Anyway, here is my idea! Are you ready?!? Since I obviously fail, no, have troubles, with allowing myself enough time to rest and be a person; I am going to work on changing my philosophy!

The new goal: take myself out of the equation. I would not put this workload on another person. But when it is myself, I know I can handle it, so I take it all on. Other people need to rest. But, I don’t plan that for me. So I am going to start taking space in my day as if I were doing this for someone else. I think this may work. I know I am tougher on myself. And maybe once I start down this road, I will learn to be better at scheduling a larger percent of margin in my day/week for me. 🙂

Tonight I am thankful that we never run out of chances to decide that things need to change, and change them. This will be very hard for me. I am naturally a person who likes to be working on things, so working hard at work is easy for me. But, I see things (like my messy house!) and myself suffering from this . . so it is time to change!

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