Found the Hole!

Tonight’s blog will feature a moment of “the rest of the story” from last night. Last night I was feeling a bit overwhelmed, but trying to remain in control of feelings, and looking for a way to not feel overwhelmed. But really I was just a bit baffled how I ended up in this predicament again!

Today I was chatting with my administrative assistant and Bam a giant spotlight was right on the problem.

Tonight I am happy to report that the problem that had caused this week’s to-do list to be a problem was not ME!!! Well, it kind of was me . . but not how I thought. There was actually a hole in the newish project management software! This year I tried a new software, was loving it, it got bought out, so I moved everything back to where it was. But I missed a step! And that is the hole that all the work was getting stuck thru!

Now we can fix the problem! This week will still be ridiculous. But next week can be better! Woo Hoo!!

Here is a picture of the pretty Christmas lights at the office from today 🙂 While I was waiting for the furnace to play nice, I had a few minutes to just enjoy the lights 🙂

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