We Ride (or Shop) at Dawn!

Tomorrow morning I am playing hookey. My mom is bringing my grandma out for a secret Christmas outing!

My grandma is 95 and has not been out much at all with Covid germs in the air. We want to keep that sweet woman as safe as can be!

For every year that I can remember my mom has taken my grandma out for a day of Christmas shopping. When I got old enough, I got to go too! And it has been a cherished holiday tradition! Last year we didn’t go. It was sad.

This year we are going on a weekday, and going out early before all the people are out being peopley! Yay!

Tonight I am thankful for my early morning tomorrow!! I have a zoom first thing in the morning; that I will do from the parking lot outside the store! Tomorrow . . . we Shop at Dawn! 🙂

Here is a picture from one of our past Christmas shopping days!

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