Where’s Grizzy

Grizal, my no-toed kitty disappeared yesterday. She had me quite concerned. She is always by her food bowl at dinner/bedtime. But last night, she wasn’t there.

I went to bed, sure we would see her this morning. This morning, she wasn’t there. The family spread out, calling her name throughout the house. But still, no Grizzy.

By this evening I was getting extremely concerned. The lifespan of this kitty is not expected to be the longest. She has endured a lot physically with the way we found her and the frostbite. Grizzy usually comes when I call her, or at least meows and answers me. But there was nothing. For 24 hours.

Tonight I am thankful that Grizzy is doing fine! I finally found her in the basement, curled up in a laundry pile! This is a new thing for Grizzy, to go to the basement. Her little feet can’t carry her very far without hurting her. Her lack of toes makes traveling hard for her. But I am so, so thankful that she is alive and well!!

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