12 Days!

12 Days until Christmas!

Is this when we start singing the 12 days of Christmas? I’m not sure honestly . .

Here’s what I do know . . by tomorrow evening I should have clawed my way out of this mountain of work that I accidentally got myself buried under – YAY!!! And, this shouldn’t be repeated, as we have fixed the software procedure stuff!

So, now 12 days until Christmas . . and I should have more time for Christmas things! Hmm, first we have a few other to-do things. But, those things should be done by the end the week!

I am excited to have a little more time to do Christmas things!

Tonight I am thankful for getting caught up on things I was behind on! I am thankful for fixing the problem that caused the issue! And I am thankful for the upcoming 12 days until Christmas to intentionally spend a little more time on Christmas-ey things!

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