First . . Dessert!

I had promised my girls to go shopping last weekend. And then I had to postpone them. They were very good about it. I had told them that Tuesday should be good. I should be caught up with work by Tuesday night.

Tonight was the night! We were driving in to town and it hit me, a Black Tie Mouse from Olive Garden sounded delicious! When I was a freshman in college I worked at Olive Garden and would treat myself to one of these delectable desserts from time to time. And tonight it sounded it great!

So we went to Olive Garden! I told the girls that we weren’t going to do dinner for all. Instead we ordered desserts! Then we ordered one entree, one appetizer, and breadsticks to eat. But, we said, “Please bring the desserts first!”.

Tonight I am thankful for a successful shopping trip tonight with two of my kiddos! And I am thankful for a yummy pit stop to fuel up before shopping! 🙂

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