I have found, if I may share some parenting pearls of wisdom, that sometimes a big part of parenting is just out-stubborning a kiddo. Today was such a day.

We had a four hour stand off here over a 5 minute task.

During this time, I was giving calmly voiced updates to the stubborn child on how much fun could have been had hours ago if only the requested task had been done.

I also reminded the kiddo that the purpose of having the kiddo do the task was in the kiddo’s best interest. Although it was insinuated that I was having the task done for my own personal benefit, I explained how my own personal benefit would be to drop this stand-off and go do something fun myself!

Tonight I am thankful for out-stubborning the kiddo and having the kiddo accomplish the task. Yes, I could have went to more drastic measures to ensure the task was done sooner. However, there are different methods that work best for different scenarios. For today, the kiddo learned that there is nothing that can be said or done that will make the task disappear without actually doing it.

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