Not Natural

Today I attended the Entreleadership 2022 Vision & Strategic Planning Workshop. Although I missed part of the workshop, it was good!

Something that does NOT come natural to me is organized thinking. My thoughts go off like fireworks and the brightest ones get my attention. This works for a good part of the time. But it definitely is not an all-encompassing way to go about life, let alone run a business.

I have attended one planning workshop for each quarter this year. And this was my first whole year planning workshop.

I’ll be honest, in a way it is torturous for me . . it is so contrary to my natural way of thinking. That means that in a big way this is very necessary and important for me to go thru!

Tonight I am thankful for a process that pushes me outside of my natural tendencies! I still have some homework to do. But it is all very good!

Tactical Planning Overview [with Examples] | Organimi

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