A few weeks ago I ordered up this fancy hair cutting kit from Amazon. There was a flash deal going on, so I got a discount. And it has 4.5 stars out of 1065 ratings.

I had been thinking about shortening my hair a bit. And today seemed to be the day to do it!

I took my new fancy hair kit in to the bathroom. And with the help of some mirrors, I shortened my hairs! Yay!

I was liking my longer hair. I hadn’t had my hair that long in quite some time. And I had forgotten how much I disliked my longer, thin hair with sweaters!! It turns in to a static-y mess!!! I know there are different ways to take care of hair to prevent that. I honestly don’t spend that much time on my hair. My girl kiddos are amazing at hair knowledge. I am just not that dedicated.

Tonight I am thankful for a successful trim of my hair today! It’s amazing how great it made me feel today!!

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