Much Less

Things have been building for awhile. I like to look on the bright side, while trying to be realistic. Sometimes I do good. Sometimes I fail.

About this time last year I was hit with the reality that my appraisal business was getting too big. I toyed with the idea of reducing the business, but didn’t feel ready to do that. Instead I did some research, changed some business practices, and became more efficient! Do you know what I did with the time savings of this new efficiency? Yep, I took on more work.

I’ve know for awhile that it is too much. But I kept thinking that if I just got ahead, or just did this, or that . . ya know, it would all work out. It was this side of a month ago when I had the scheduling software error that almost drowned me completely. I worked thru that, and quickly got swamped again.

Today I did some big praying. It is so easy to trust in my business for the income for my family; when I should be trusting God. Do you want to know what the difference is? I can tell you firsthand! Peace. The difference is peace. When I am trusting God, I have peace. He is far more capable than I am. And he knows a lot more than I do. When I trust in my business and my working my tail off; I am stressed, tired, can’t tell you what day it is, and hide from my phone.

So today I made a big decision. 2022 will have much different workload for myself. I talked to my executive assistant today and asked to please help hold me accountable in this! My natural tendency is to work, work, work. And that is taking it’s toll on me.

Tonight I am thankful for this change of decisions for 2022. This will be hard for me. But this is Oh So Necessary! The appraisal industry has been ridiculously busy for some time. And I’ve tried to keep up for too long. In my 2022 planning earlier this week, I put that my 2022 goal is to leave margin in all areas of life. That is not my natural style. But, it is time to try a whole heck of a lot harder to do so!

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