It all started years ago . . my nutcracker loving kiddo had found a tall (maybe 4 feet tall) nutcracker at the store that she fell in love with! The price was not something that I was willing to pay. The day after Christmas another kiddo and I set off to the store early! We were off to see if we could find the giant nutcracker on a good after-Christmas sale! That year we DID find the last giant nutcracker at the store for 50% off!!

That shopping trip started an annual shopping trip on the morning of December 26th! Over the years I have that besides wrapping paper, gift bags, and gift tags; this is the best time to find green power strips, extension cords, and plug timers at half off! They are considered Christmas, since they are green and in the Christmas section! This is also a good time to get certain kitchen supplies at half off! As long as you don’t mind snowflakes and gingerbread kitchen supplies all year round 🙂

I believe it was three years ago when it dawned on me that I should set up a separate savings plan for this after-Christmas shopping. So this is probably the second year that our budget has allowed for some care-free after-Christmas shopping! Each month in 2021 we put between $20 and $40 in to a separate savings account for after-Christmas shopping. And today we utilized that!

Tonight I am thankful for some after-Christmas savings!! Our whole family went this morning. And we found some good deals!!

P.S. It is fun to buy some after-Christmas decorations/fun things and box them away with Christmas decorations, to find them next Christmas season!! They are nice surprises the next year, as I’ve usually forgotten about them, since we only saw them once the Christmas before!

53 Cartoon Of The Christmas Piggy Bank Illustrations & Clip Art - iStock

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