It seems that for the last several years, when I get to New Years and think about the upcoming year, there seems to be one word that sums up a lot of smaller goals that I have for that year.

I’ll be honest, I don’t know what this last year’s word was. I got off track this year. I wrote an email to my team members and admitted to them, that I spread myself too think this year and no one got my best this year. That’s not something I want to repeat.

For my 2022 one word, the word “margin” is stuck in my mind and spirit. Margin, per Merriam-Webster is “a spare amount or measure or degree allowed or given . . . “. This will be a goal for me in 2022 in all areas of life. I need more of this personally, with my family, and in my businesses.

Scheduling myself to the max is tiring and was not intentional for this year. Actually, intentionality may have been the word I was trying to work on for 2021. I did do a lot of things intentionally. I was not good at intentionally NOT doing things in 2021!

Tonight I am thankful that God always gives us more chances! When I get myself out of the way and let God help, life always turns out better. Do you know how I get myself IN the way and block God? Usually by being too busy!! Well, that will change! I’m excited!

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