Let’s chat a bit more . . . well, I’m doing the chatting. If ya’ll want to chat back, feel free 🙂

Anyway, with this end of the year stuff . . I was starting to feel a little bit like I should have done more this year. But then, I sat myself down (well I was already sitting) and I did a little review with myself. It’s important to remember that sometimes how a person feels is not really equal to what really is happening. Ok, so I gave myself a talking to.

One year ago I thought I had an idea of what 2021 would hold. I was waay off! I had no idea that my business would buy a building, or that the hubster would go back to college, or that the hubster would leave his job to start his own business (after some really crappy work stuff), or that the hubster would be laid up over a quarter of the year with his back and Covid, or that we would home school a kiddo, or that we would change school plans for two other kiddos, or that I would start a podcast, or a bunch of other things! Hmmm . . when I look at all that . . . I think I’m changing my “I should have done more this year” to “I think I kicked butt in 2021!”

Tonight I am thankful for a good perspective shift for 2021! I hope you give yourself a good perspective check as well! I’ll bet you did better than you thought when you look at the whole picture!

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