Maybe it is?

I have been trying to be patient about something very important. Patience is not always my strongest trait. But I’ve been trying. Lots of prayer. Lots of stopping my thoughts and reigning them in.

Yesterday an opportunity presented itself that looks like the big important thing that I’ve been trying to stay patient about. At first glance, I didn’t think this opportunity would work for my family. But, after a little digging, this opportunity looks like it might be really good for us.

It is SO HARD to be quiet and try to know if this is God’s will!! It sure looks like everything I have wanted. But I really don’t want to move forward until we are sure that this the path that God wants us to take. Ugh. Patience . . it is so not my strong suit.

Tonight I am thankful for this opportunity that may be everything I’ve been thinking about. It would be awesome! But, if I’m wrong . . then God has something better waiting for us ❤

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