For a part of my job I walk around outside measuring houses. I twist and roll my ankles regularly. I am not fully focused on the ground I am walking on while doing my job . . so this happens. I’m usually fine.

Yesterday though, I walked a little funny on some frozen ground and felt it. But I was ok. Until a little bit later. Then it got a little worse. By this morning it felt a little better. Until I brought the dogs inside. Then I must have moved wrong or something.

Our (at least) 52 ace bandages are nowhere to be found. I had more house appointments today that I had to be able to walk for. And I was hurting.

Tonight I am thankful for the hubster and a kiddo running to the store this morning to get me an ankle brace and ace bandages in case the brace didn’t work. I am thankful that my ankle was feeling better! Until I moved wrong to grab something about an hour ago. I’ll be better by Monday, I just need to rest . . I’ll try my best! 🙂

**Image is from Google – This is not my foot!

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