Loved One

A very close loved one of mine went in to the hospital yesterday. It was a situation that could have been way worse. But, it still wasn’t good. I got the news right after church. Right after hearing a good sermon and a good reminder to focus on God and not on life’s storms. My family was in the car still and we prayed for this loved one.

My loved one doesn’t want people to know. That is hard. I wanted to get on social media to ask for prayers. I wanted lots and lots of prayers! I shared the news with a few friends this morning. Prayers increased.

The hospital went a little back and forth on their decision. But finally, tonight, my loved one got to go back home!!! ❤ Some people just do not do well in hospitals, and this loved one is one of those.

Tonight I am so, so, so, so thankful that my loved one is back home! ❤ I am still praying for a full recovery! And for peace for my loved ones! Tonight I am also thankful for the progress made so far and for the increased progress to come!

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