Power of the Internet

My parents had two of the most spoiled cats in the world. At the end of last year one of the cats started the day fine. But then started meowing in pain. They took the cat in to the vet and got some bad news. In a matter of hours their previously healthy cat was gone. They were crushed.

They decided to go thru the holidays before deciding on another cat. They recently decided that they were ready! Guess what? The outpouring of support to animal shelters in honor of Betty White was amazing! And guess what, there haven’t been any cats that meet their criteria and several of the local shelters.

Tonight I put up a post, asking if anyone could help. Not too long after that, a friend had a good lead! I called my parents!

Tonight I am thankful that with the power of internet a cat has been found! The kitty needed a home. And it is going to be so spoiled at it’s new home ❤

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