After years of pushing myself too far, I am finding that it is fairly difficult to figure out exactly what I need to be healthy. This all seems so silly. It should be a fairly natural thing. But, when I’ve ignored my body’s signals for so long; well those signals are hard to find.

When is something too much? When does something feel like too much, but really it is just a milestone I need to conquer? Does my body really need things differently now that I’m a little older? Or have I just pushed my body so far that it needs time to rebuild healthy things?

This has been my struggle so far in 2022. I will figure this out.

Tonight I am thankful for another chance to do something better; to eat better, to drink better, to sleep better, and to move better. I’ll need lots of second chances on this. So I am thankful to remember the mindset that ever choice in front of me is a new chance; regardless of how I made the choice. I never dreamed I would require so much on myself!

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