I was talking with a kiddo tonight about life stuff. Life stuff can be unsettling. As a parent, life stuff can be super unsettling.

At the end of our talk, I reminded my kiddo that no matter what all the details are, and all the unsettling stuff is; the best of any problem or situation or area of life is always that God loves us, each of us, just as we are. When I get unsettled or anxious about life things, I read my Bible. It is a good perspective realignment to know that the end and solution to any life tribulation is that God loves us. Really, there is nothing that can top that.

Tonight I am thankful that God’s love is enough to calm any part of life. And I am thankful that God’s love is big enough, more than big enough to love everyone as they are. ❤ When I am not sure of anything else in life, I am sure of that.

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