Sprucing Up

Once upon a time my basement had an awesome work-out space. Sometimes I would get busy and not utilize it to it’s potential. But, it was still there.

Things started to turn when I tore my PCL. I changed some equipment. And I set a goal to run one mile probably sooner than I should have. I worked and I trained. I ran that mile. I had met that goal! And then I turned my back to our basement exercise area. Running that mile HURT. Hindsight – sometimes I make unhealthy goals that may seem healthy at the time. Running had always been my thing. And a big part of my desire to work out died after hitting that goal; and realizing that running would most likely no longer by my thing.

I went to the basement equipment a few times here and there. But nothing consistent. And the basement area shows the lack of use. It’s kind of icky down there now.

Tonight a kiddo and I got to use someone else’s exercise room. I’ll admit, it is a bit inspiring!! I think I have to up the plans to work on our basement!

Tonight I am thankful for inspiration to get the our act together at home! Our basement remodel will be commencing soon with an easier to use exercise room!!

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