Last night there was an unfortunate incident between my forehead and a metal flashlight. Another member of the family was holding a flashlight, walking in to the house. I was behind the person and saw a barn cat trying to run in to the house. I said, “Stop Cutie!”. Cutie is the name of the cat.

I reached down to the grab the cat. The person turned quickly to look for the cat, with the flashlight in their hand. And boom, flashlight to forehead collision. No good.

The hubster and my mommy are wondering if I have a concussion. I don’t think so. My pupils look ok. But, my head does not feel particularly well. I did have a meeting today and five house appointments. I did all that. Now I’m home. Now I’m going to bed early.

Tonight I am thankful I can rest now. Ibuprofen has been my friend today for sure. Now rest. Rest is good.

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