Day Two

My word theme for 2022 is “margin” or extra space. I don’t have a habit of leaving extra space in anything. I stretch my time to the max, my energy, everything is stretched. And I’ve been working on changing this!

This is a struggle for me. It has been and will be a continual two steps forward and one step back. But, I will get this!

Today is a good reminder of why it is important to leave myself extra space. Day 2 of this concussion crap is worse than day 1. Seriously this is ridiculous. I have hit my head numerous times and in several days places and impacts throughout my life. And this has never happened. I once fell off a ladder in a barn and landed the back of my head on a concrete feed trough. I was fine. Got up, and went about my day. This was a flashlight! Of course, I was moving forward quickly and my kiddo was moving backward and turning quickly. So impact, force, sciencey terminology all play in to this. But, come on!

Margin would be good right now. A little extra space in my calendar to rest would be great. I should be there by the end of the week.

Tonight I am thankful that my calendar was better this week than last week. If this had happened last week, I would have had to cancel things. This week, I think I can handle it. Just one of those ironic or timely calendar things that tend to happen when I remember to pray and put things in God’s hands. Oh, I’ve been praying, you can bet! This head of mine has to get back to normal asap!

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