Concussion Log Day 3:
A *cough* certain member of this family let the dogs out. I was outside running after dogs. This was not a good idea.

I came back inside feeling horrible. I had to lay my head down for quite a bit.

What the heck is going on with my head?!? This is frustrating.

I have spent the rest of the day resting as much as possible, diffusing oils, applying oils, and getting plenty of fluids. Tonight I am feeling about the same as last night; which is a positive after this morning’s impromptu run around the yard.

Tonight I am thankful that this should be over soon. I am not a good recovery person. I can’t yell about it, the noise would hurt my head. I can’t throw anything or punch my downed punching bag, the jarring movement would hurt my head. I am trying (and somewhat succeeding) in taking this as an opportunity to work on my patience and praying when I’d rather thru a fit about it. I am thankful this is temporary. Very, very thankful!

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