Data . . Booo!!

Ah the internet. There is so much to learn! And it is just out there, for free (mostly), with a few taps of some buttons.

Today I learned that women are typically slower to heal from a concussion than a man. I also learned that there is a significant impact on the woman’s recovery based on where she is at during her cycle. The amounts of progesterone in the body when the concussion happens plays a lasting impact on recovery. Isn’t that interesting? Boo! Two Thumbs Down!!!

Ok, while information can be useful. And I guess this all helps me feel like this recovery speed is normal. I don’t like the information! It should offer more hope! But, I guess that is not what factual data is intended for.

Tonight I am thankful for the choice of keeping a good mindset during this healing. I can’t choose how my brain heals. But I can choose how I respond to the wait and healing. I choose to be thankful that this is all “normal” and I will be all healed at some point. Patience is a virtue that I am working on . . . 🙂

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