I decided this week to do a 5 day fast. I just feel like my stomach could use a little reset with how moody it has been since the concussion (I may need to look at the anatomy of a brain some day, but I’m pretty sure I now know a few areas that certain parts of the brain controls).

Well, my 5 day fast has been shortened to 4 days, when I was reminded that we have events planned this weekend that involve food. And I would be hurting people’s feelings if I didn’t eat the food.

I haven’t done a multi-day fast for quite some time. The last time I did one, I wasn’t as knowledgeable as I am now and I made my gall bladder mad when I started eating again. This time around, I feel like I am better at knowing what I’m doing.

Tonight I am thankful that I am ending day 2 of fasting feeling quite well. I haven’t really been hungry. My energy and concentration has been on par with how I have been. This is going well! I am actually excited about continuing and seeing how this helps my body!

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