Save the Day

Do you know how Clark Griswold over-plans and over-idealizes family events in the National Lampoon’s vacation movies? Sometimes I feel like kiddos do that for family events. They don’t mean to. But, neither does Clark Griswold, I guess . .

Anyway, there is an event, like a birthday; and as a parent, I want it to be wonderful!! But, there is no way I can keep up with all the plans that happen and try to be shoved in to one day.

Today was such a day. And some of the plans didn’t go as planned. But, I still wanted the birthday boy to have fun!! We discussed, bartered, chatted, and finally compromised to end the evening with a family game of Monopoly thru the xbox. I have to tell you, it wasn’t a rough compromise ❤

Tonight I am thankful that a compromise of a family game of Monopoly was a good save to the end of my birthday boy’s day ❤ Of course with cake and presents too! 🙂

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