Talking To You

I hope everyone had a Happy Easter!!

Our kiddos were woken “early” to celebrate here at home before we headed off to church. I have to mention again, that I absolutely love our church! I went a lot of years without a church to call home. We found our home in a very non-classic church with a heart so big that no one could deny the love for God in that place. Everyone is welcome there. Everyone is loved there. ❤

Then we were back home for a quick few minutes and off to visit family, then back home.

I hope amongst all the happenings of today that you take a moment to remember how much you are loved. Not just loved today, but for all eternity. God loves you so much that he sent his son. His son, Jesus loves you so much that he took every bad thing upon himself so that you would not have to. For those that think they’ve done too much or too many bad things, you don’t understand yet . . it was forgiven before you did it. God knew you would do it. He loves you anyway. Jesus knew you would do it. He loves you and died for you anyway, and especially for you. His death would be for nothing if your wrong thing was excluded . . it was all covered. It was all in there. No worries, he’s got you covered.

Tonight I am thankful for not only a good day today, but for a love so great that I don’t think I’ll ever be able to truly comprehend it. I love you all, but I would never give up my son for you . . . God did. I love you all, but I wouldn’t die for you . . . Jesus did. That is a bigger love than I have. I hope today, you know you are loved. I hope today, you take a moment to feel that love and try to let it light your heart. ❤

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