Dodged a Bullet!

Sometimes, on the appraisal side of my business, I get “feelings” about some properties. I had an appointment today at a house that I really had no “feelings” about when I researched the property and accepted the appointment.

The file was started. More research was done. This morning I prepared for the appointment and was starting to get some “feelings”. Uh oh!

This was a higher end house. But, that wasn’t any reason for this gut feeling. The borrower’s wife was supposed to meet me at the home during an arrival window time slot. I arrived during that arrival window time slot and a car was starting to leave the driveway.

The woman got out of the car and asked who I was. I had to tell her three times that I was the appraiser. She asked if there was an appointment. I told her yes, I was to arrive X time and X time. She looked at her watch and gave me the most disgusted look. I said yes, it is now X, which is within the arrival window of X and X while giving her my sweetest smile . . with maybe a little attitude mixed in with the sweet smile. I was given a royally annoyed look back when I was informed that she had somewhere else to be and walked back towards her car.

Tonight I am thankful that I dodged a bullet today! I left that driveway and had this appraisal re-assigned to another appraiser! Sheesh! My client for this home would have been the lender and not the borrower (who wasn’t even the wife). But I have a huge suspicion that this woman would have been unhappy with everything! I had a big smile driving away after backing out of this appraisal! Freedom and Peace!!

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