One of the things that I remember hearing when I was a young teenager that has stuck with me is this: things in this world aren’t what they seem. We, as humans, have no idea what we are up against that are things that we can’t see. There are limited things that we can see in front of us.

Think about a toddler when they want a certain toy. They can’t always see the other toys around them. They can’t “see” that maybe they have to leave soon, so they can’t play with a toy right then. Or maybe the toy is in a house that a bug bomb set off, and the toddler can’t see that the toy isn’t safe to be handled. Much like adults, who can’t always see the things beyond their own situations.

I was reminded of that this morning. I’ve been faltering on a few things. And of course when that happens, there are thoughts. “I need to get my stuff together” “I need to get back on track here” “I wonder if I’m letting God down right now”. All sorts of things.

Tonight I am thankful that this morning, when I was praying, I remembered that I can’t see everything that I am up against. After spending some time in prayer and really trying to seek God’s heart; I don’t think I’m as far away as I thought I was getting to be. And even if I was, I was never far enough away to where God wasn’t right next to me, waiting for me to turn to him. ❤

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