Digital Banana Peels

Whew, after taking some time off last week for a trip and a day for the hubster’s procedure . . well, I knew today would be packed full.

Imagine my surprise when I came out to hop in to a meeting and my computer was turned off . . . I like never, ever, never turn off my computer. I make it get sleepy. I make it restart. I lock things out. But, I don’t turn it off. Like, to a half-way paranoid level. What? You want a story? Ok, well one time I turned off my computer and went away with my family for an over-night trip. When we returned, my computer had died. It would not turn on. Apparently, like if you don’t water a plant it dies; if you don’t leave your computer on, it dies. Am I being logical? Absolutely not . . but, let’s move on.

So, my computer was off. It took a long time to turn it on. And then it was updating. So I joined the zoom with my phone . . . except I was going to do a shared meeting and the content was on my computer. 🙄 Fortunately my group is a great group of people who did not throw digital banana peels at me! No, they were understanding 🙂

Then the day was filled with appointments, desk time at the office, and desk time at home. Whew! But, here we are, the things for today are done. And the things that are not done can wait until tomorrow!

Tonight I am thankful that today, the day filled with lots of stuff, has been accomplished! And now, sleep! 🙂

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