Yesterday I received my first email talking about my next kiddo being a senior next year.

I’m thinking Woa There!

I mean, of course I know this already. But, labels . . uh the labels of “senior”. I’d like to just enjoy this time now, while the label of “junior” is applicable! 🙂

I guess here’s the thing, I have four teenage kiddos. I know this is a fleeting time in life. I know that five years from now will look very different than today. And quite frankly the saying of “where did the time go?” irks me. I want to know where the time went. I want to be here with them in every moment that I can. I don’t like regrets and I surely don’t want any with them! So, let’s not speed this up!

So . . yeah, I’ll have a senior Next school year. We’ll have all the great senior things. It will be amazing. But, for another week and a half, I still a junior. And I’m not going to rush that!

Tonight I am thankful, first of all that I can’t be shaken too much by a label in an email – although it caught me off guard! But, I am also thankful for the four blessings that God has given me, who call me Mom ❤ Whether they are babies, toddlers, children, teenagers, or adults; they will always be my kiddos ❤

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