I have two daughters who spend much more time with hair and make-up stuff than I ever have. It is fun to watch all the different things they have learned and can do. I am not the most helpful with all of that!

One big difference in hair is that my hair is quite thin. Both of my girls have thick hair. This makes most of my knowledge unhelpful to them. But, they have researched and learned the best things to do for their hair.

One kiddo ordered a messy bun hair accessory. Only, her hair was too thick for the bun to work. So . . thinking this could help her thin-haired Momma, she tried it on me. 🙂 And here is the result! This is not a style I will be sporting any time soon 🤣🤣

Tonight I am thankful for my daughters finding their own hair paths in life. I really haven’t been a ton of help to them. And I am thankful for a good laugh when trying to see how their hair things integrate with my head!

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