I Forget

Sometimes I forget that people are just people. Ya know? I mean, I heard all the stories of things gone wrong. I heard all the stories of people receiving a hard time, for what they thought was for no reason at all.

This morning I was ready to go fight city hall! I didn’t really want to fight. But, I thought they’d be bringing a fight, and I wasn’t going to back down. My anticipation of this was also based on some email exchanges that I would rate a 4 out of 10.

I forget that sometimes people aren’t good emailers. Sometimes they aren’t good texters. Heck, I’m usually as awkward as can be on the phone. But, I forget sometimes that how I interpret something may not be how it was meant.

Tonight I am thankful that my meeting this morning went very well. The two gentlemen I met with were very nice, very helpful, and very encouraging. I am looking forward to working with the city on our upcoming project!

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