Well . . it was bound to happen.

Today, at our marketing meeting . . my team . . took away my rights . . to add animals and other crazy details . . . to a gathering meant to inform people of house things.

I may have a history of going over the top with plans. NOW, in my defense, I can confidently state that I am far better than Clark Griswold! I am not that over the top!


So, if anyone wants to come to our upcoming Ethos Real Estate West’s Buyer’s Open House and Seller’s Open House, I will warn you . . that my dog Minnie will not be there to give hugs. My dog Henry will not be there to non-silently judge you. My collection of fuzzy kitties won’t be there to purr and cuddle. I am not allowed to get balloon animals to stick throughout the yard. I’m going to guess that they will probably also veto a dunk tank. *sigh*

Tonight I am thankful that my team knows me 🙂 My weakness for excessive animal interaction and not leaving things to be simply what they are is thankfully my team’s strength . . on not doing those things. So, if they tie me to a chair . . I probably had it coming 😉

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