Motivation . . Kiddo Style!

We are staring at the LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL!

I just tried to help my darling kiddo with a playing of Rocky’s speech to his son in Rocky Balboa.

I followed that up quickly with playing Eye of the Tiger!

He then picked some 8 minute motivational thing with weight lifting. And when I started shouting along with the big muscly guy, my kiddo left to do his homework! I think my extraordinarily empowering enthusiasm must have motivated him! 🤣

Well . . whatever was the motivation to leave this room and go do his homework, it worked!

Tonight I am thankful that this is the last week of school! Yay for my kiddos!!! Woo Hoo! On Friday I will play them School’s Out for Summer! We will keep the motivation appropriate for the day of the week! 🙂

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