When I had thoughts for what to be thankful for tonight, it is kind of two-fold. I had a lot of work to do at the office still. And, since we can’t use Door Dash at our rural house, I used it here! It was great to have dinner delivered to myself like this! So one – this is very awesome! But two – if I lived closer to restaurants I would surely put on lots of weight very quickly! That is the two-fold.

But, overall I think the convenience of such services is pretty amazing 🙂 Like, while I am here at the office working late, I sent a Shipt Shopper to my house with treats for my family 🙂 This week was super crazy-busy. And I can spoil them from afar! Shipt has been missing me anyway. They keep sending me emails that they haven’t heard from me. So now my Shipt account can be happy. Everybody wins!

Tonight I am thankful for conveniences like Door Dash and Shipt! I am thankful also that our budget has some room for these splurges tonight! No guilt from this end at all!

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