The Spot

When I was 16 I worked part time in a town with a river. There was a part of a building standing by the river that had a plaque on it. If I remember correctly, the structure was part of an old mill that used to operate there. It was my spot. I would go there, listen to the river, and think about life.

I was trying to remember the year . . I think it was at least 15 years ago (maybe closer to 20 years), the river was overhauled. An island was put in the river, and some small rapids were added. A walk-way was added along with tables and wildflowers. It is very pretty.

Tonight the hubster and I were going to go out to eat. But, we weren’t super hungry. We decided on ice cream. We went thru the drive-thru and headed here. My spot by the river 🙂

Tonight I am thankful for this spot. It is so pretty. And the sound of the water moving is like music to my soul. Serenity and peace are always at this spot somewhere ❤

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