Budget and Peace

Last night the hubster and I had talked about some of those serious, adulting type things, and big decisions that people have to make. We had a good talk. And when we came home, we had a family meeting where we talked about the decision with the kiddos.

I was thinking of wording this more ambigously . . but, I’ll just say it. We had been thinking of moving for some time now. There are things about our current house that work really well for us. And there are things that don’t work well at all. When we’ve talked about how to fix the big things that don’t work . . well, there usually seems to be a lot of ideas and not a lot of motivation.

So we took a step back and looked at the big picture. We have been working for years now on our Dave Ramsey Baby Steps. We’ve paid off a lot of debt. We’ve been saving. And we’ve been enjoying being able to live our lives with a budget that allows for a lot of fun with our growing teenage kiddos. (Fun money is sure a lot easier to spend with no debt! Shoot me a message if you want to chat about this stuff!)

We worked on a new plan to make the house work for us. And I think it is our best plan yet! During all this, we will definitely remember to be thankful for all the good and wonderful things about our home! And we will continue to be thankful and enjoy the freedom in our budget to enjoy things and have fun with our teenage kiddos! During our family meeting, the kiddos understood. We talked about our family budget, house plans, and financial peace. They are on board!

Tonight I am thankful for Financial Peace, we are getting there! I am thankful for being able to teach our kiddos much better financial knowledge than we had . . I truly hope they will never know the bondage of debt! And I am thankful for the room in the budget to go have fun! This photo is from today; the girls and I went to check out some Memorial Day sales at the outlet mall! And . . I got poked . . silly kiddos! 🙂

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