A Good Talking To . . .

Here I am . . in the corner. Yep. Well, actually I’m at my desk, which happens to be positioned in the corner. But, I should be here. It was time to give myself a good talking to!

Sitting here, I’ve been thinking and feeling such an array of emotions. Then I said a prayer. I tend to get lost in my own little world and forget that God actually wants to help me!

Then a little clarity came in. For one, I always get extra emotional when I haven’t slept enough. And I haven’t. I should have slept enough. *And this one’s gonna hurt because one of my kiddos reads this blog . . . I have been laying in bed too much reading on my phone when I should be sleeping. THERE! I’ve admitted it! I will be hearing about this one! This is my fault. I guess I will let the teenagers ground me . . . from cleaning 🤣

Then, I have noticed this nose-dive pattern several times in my life. I don’t get enough sleep, then I don’t stick to any manner of order, I start drinking too much pop, I don’t exercise, and my ability to focus gets at least cut in half, with everything taking way longer than it should, then I feel frazzled, stressed, and start losing hope. Hmmm . . not a good trade for reading things on a stupid little rectangle. *sigh*

So, I have said some more prayers. And I have regrouped . . a little. The path that I am on is not going to take me to where I want to go. So, I will change this path. And, I may dust off my book about Boundaries and give that one another read . . that is always a good one for me. I’m not a rather organized and structured person by nature; so maintaining healthy boundaries is not always something I consider . . hence my current state!

Tonight I am thankful that there is ALWAYS a time to analyze, regroup, and do better. I am super thankful that God really does care. There are times when I pray and don’t feel anything . . and that is going to happen. But, tonight, I felt peace. And I will be working to make sure that peace stays!

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