Body Truth

So here’s the truth, I’m not where I want to be with my body. I look in the mirror or in a picture sometimes and think a range from “ick” to “ugh”. I have lost over 10 pounds recently, so I’m proud of that. But, I still have a ways to go.

I have no one to blame but myself. And that’s ok, I know I’m the problem. The solution is also me. But, I’m finding that I’m a pretty reactionary person. Ok, I’m not just finding this. I know I can be laser focused. But, I also prioritize what needs to get done in a day; usually at the expense of myself. And it shows.

But I have these wonderful kiddos who go shopping with me and encourage me to get these pretty clothes. I don’t feel I’m quite ready to wear them yet. See, like this outfit looks ok at this angle, but there were other angles that I was not at all impressed with myself.

So, here’s some more truth – I don’t have to love what I look like right now, as long as I don’t hate me because of it. I don’t have to drive myself crazy prioritizing a healthier me over the other things that have to be done in a day, as long as I don’t forget to keep trying to be healthier. And I can wear the pretty close, even if I’m not ready to wear them around people yet.

Tonight I will be thankful for the improvements that I’ve made so far, as well as the improvements that I will continue to make. I am also thankful for camera angles that make me love this outfit a little more than I loved it straight on, in the mirror! 🙂

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