Can I write a blog that may sound like it is bragging, but I’m really not writing it to brag? Can I?

I’m going to take your silence as a, “sure, go ahead!”. And, I thank you!

I will preface this story by saying that I have very good genetics. My mom has been mistaken as my sister. My grandma has aged about 5 years in the last three decades. And I have, on occasion, been thought to be the older sister of my daughters.

Tonight I am thankful that while my family and I were checking out at the store today, I was carded 🙂 🙂 Totally made my night! 🙂 The guy looked pretty serious about the whole deal too . . or maybe that was me being excited . . either way, he questioned if I could be old enough to be the mom to my adorable teenaged kiddos and that was super good for my ego! 🙂

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