36 Years

I was this size. 1st grade. I know, I know, I was adorable! But, this isn’t about my cuteness!

I was scared. I remember a few things about kindergarten in Jackson. The bus picked us up at our trailer park. It would turn right and stop to pick up my friend Gerald. Then a little drive, a turn, and we were at the school. There were multiple lanes for cars, several houses, and that is all I remember from outside my window.

Then we moved to the country. It was nice! We moved during the summer and I loved it! But, then we had to go to school. The bus ride was weird! I saw cows out the window! I remember being so excited! And there were these weird metal things going up and down – oil drills, but I didn’t know that then.

The kids at school all seemed to know each other. I was quiet. I didn’t know anyone. I had a wonderful teacher, Mrs. Anderson. She was super nice and sweet and made me feel better. Then there was lunch and recess. Of course that is when all the kids stayed with their friends. I didn’t have any friends there. It seemed half the kids were related with each other. I had just moved there. I didn’t know anyone. There was one kid whose Grandma even worked at the school! I remember thinking how lucky he was!!

Then I met Bobbye ❤ She was walked around at lunch time and she was out on the playground at recess. She gave me hugs and smiles. She made me feel welcome and loved. It didn’t matter how old I grew, Bobbye was always happy to see me! And if there were troubles on the playground, she always had my back!

Years and years passed. I moved away. I moved back, got married, had kids, and one day my own kids were old enough to go to school. The same school. I didn’t really expect any of the same people to still be there. Imagine my surprise when I saw Bobbye there! She was the crossing guard! I stopped and chatted with her for a bit! It was so good to see her!!!

Over the next many years my kids got to be friends with her. And I loved getting to see her. We went to her retirement party. And we got to spend time with her before she moved to another state to be with her daughter. She was so excited about her new adventure. It was sad to see her go. But I was happy for her ❤

Tonight I am thankful that Bobbye was a part of my life for the better part of my life. I am thankful that she has been a part of my kids’ lives as well. It took a bit to stop crying this morning when I was told of her passing. I am thankful that there wasn’t a lot of pain for her. And I am thankful that she was with her daughter and family, where she wanted to be and where she was loved ❤

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