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For the past almost 10 years my hens have not been able to hatch a chick. I haven’t been able to figure out what their problems are! They will lay on the eggs, and then give up within a week of hatching time. Other times they just tear in to the eggs, breaking them all. It has been a bit frustrating.

I was excited . . again, this spring when they tried laying on eggs. Soon though, I gave up hope. Whatever. They are just messing around again. Then yesterday, it happened! One baby chick! That is all there was, one baby!! It was so cute!

I meant to help the baby back in to the chicken house before bed last night. I forgot. This morning, the baby was gone. There were feathers that something tore off the momma hen while trying to get to the baby. I don’t know who was more upset, me or the hen 😦

The hubster called five different farm stores before he found one that had baby chicks. It seems most stores are running empty right now, with more babies due in this week. But, I wanted to get babies back to the momma hens before they didn’t want to be mommas anymore. Fortunately the store that had babies was within 3 miles of one of my house appointments today!!! Unfortunately I had three other appointments after the first one, and the chicks couldn’t stay in the car.

Tonight I am thankful that hubster came and met me half way to take the chicks from me and bring them back to their new mommas! It was a group effort! And the mommas now have babies! OH! And, tonight I’ve locked them safely in their house!! No fatalities tonight!!

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