A few days ago I stopped at Meijer and was wandering. Sometimes a person just needs to claim some peace wondering around a store, ya know?

Anyway, so I found some clothes racks that were 1/2 off of the clearance price. Alright, that had my interest!!

I had seen these funky pants on the internet, maybe you’ve seen them too? They had a weird pattern and well, I wasn’t super interested. I have enough pants.

Except . . this same style of pants were then staring at me from the clothes rack with a 1/2 off of clearance price. Hmm . . Yep, I decided to buy the pants and give them a chance.

I wore them this morning on a bike ride with my kiddo. Color me impressed!!! Super comfortable! I went back and bought a few more today! Still at $6 per pair!!

Tonight I am thankful for cheap and comfortable pants! Yay!

**Below are said pants with a photo filter because . . well, I had just gotten back from a several mile bike ride! I tried a different photo angle of the pants . . and well . . it didn’t look appropriate! So, this is what you get! 🙂

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