Sometimes I write about things in this blog that are bothering me. Why? Why would I do that in a thankfulness blog? Because finding something to be thankful for in an irritating and challenging situation is somewhat a key to life. It is Biblical. It is a tried and true practice. And while it is difficult, the benefits are something I live in my life every day.

There was a time when I was spending time with a friend and we were “venting” about husbands. It turned in to right-out complaining and it made me feel icky. So I don’t do that anymore. I also noticed that the more irritating/crappy things I focused on with him, the less I saw of the good things.

So here’s the truth about marriage, it is hard work! The man in this picture is frustrating. He can be difficult. He can be irritating. He tests my patience. But I love him. He can also be inspiring. He can be easy-going. He can be peace-inducing. And I’m sure I test his patience (although I’m not sure how . . I am absolutely delightful!!! 😊 )

Tonight (although I wouldn’t mind pelting this boy with water balloons) I am thankful that this boy tries. Oh, trust me, he is trying! 🤣🤣 Ha! But, seriously, as long as he keeps trying to work on life and get better; then we will be good. It’s not really an “A for effort” type of thing, but more like a “we will get this right even if it take a million tries” type of thing.

Now . . where did I put those water balloons . . . . 😜

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