Named Abbi

Once upon a time there was a cat named Abbi. Abbi’s loving human mom sadly passed away too early in life. And Abbi had to find a new home.

Abbi went to stay with a very nice couple for a few nights. They loved her. But she wasn’t at the right home yet.

From the nice couple’s home, Abbi went to live in a home with lots of people and lots of other kitties. But Abbi was brought to this home for a specific person. There was one person in the house who had recently lost her most favorite kitty.

The new family was hopeful that Abbi would be a good fit. And as many months went by, Abbi turned out to be the most perfect cat for the person in the house! Abbi is quirky, feisty, and can be easily persuaded with treats. 🙂

Tonight I am thankful for Abbi coming in to our house! She has been perfect for my kiddo! Her unique personality and loving nature have made her fit in just perfectly. Oh, and she likes to attack feet . . 🤣

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