Have you ever had an issue, then you tell someone about it, and instantly the answer becomes clear?

That happened to me today.

I’ve had so many ideas and big projects swirling around in my head that my brain has been starting to get fuzzy. My first thought of a possible solution went to something way too complex. If things are too complex, I tend not to do them.

So no, I don’t need a new project management software. I don’t need a whiteboard the size of my wall. Nope.

I need to pull out this silly notebook at the beginning of the day and make a plan for the day! I need to keep my plan in front of me. And I need to go about my day intentionally!

Tonight I am thankful for a reminder to be intentional! Starting tomorrow I will start the day writing down what I will do that day. I will prioritize the list. And I will act accordingly! I’ll bet my brain will feel a lot better tomorrow! 🙂

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