My Friend, Kelp

I stopped to think about it today, I’ve been taking Kelp for well over a decade now! Over A Decade! That is crazy!

It started with a tumor, a fibroid tumor growing inside me. Around that time my thyroid had also shown below healthy limits. The fibroid tumor though was what set off my research. The internet has lifetimes of information on it. God had definitely shown a light on my research at that time.

Fibroid tumors linked to hormones. Hormones linked to thyroid. Iodine’s link to thyroids. One random medical study from the 1990s drawing a line between different things. . A search for food naturally high iodine. Kelp far exceeded the 2nd food on the list.

Kelp. Could have been kryptonite for it’s relevance to me. I don’t like 99.9% of green foods. And I had no idea where a person actually could get a supply of kelp 365 days of the year. Amazon to the rescue.

Kelp plants dried out, smashed up, and shoved in to a vegetarian gelatin capsule. That was good for me! And I was happy to try it! Amazon prime, delivered it right to my door the next day. At my next check-up back then, the fibroid tumor was gone. Completely gone. Since then I try to remember to take kelp every day.

Tonight I am thankful that the daily dose of kelp is still helping my body function well! Today’s blood draw found a healthy thyroid still! Yay!

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